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Maintaining systems and services safely requires a considerable effort from organizations. A significant part of their budget is allocated to IT Security and this is not likely to change any time in the future.

Security is nothing static. Requirements change regularly, new threats keep appearing, new vulnerabilities are constantly found and exploited. Internal IT specialists with extensive other duties within an organization find it hard to remain up-to-date in this critical area. The fact that security concepts that are developed internally are only viewed from an individual standpoint that does not necessarily correspond to that of a potential attacker complicates this issue even further.

We help our customers by pointing out new threats, by searching for new vulnerabilities and and by proactively preventing attacks to their infrastructure. We can collect and secure relevant data in real-time to find and prove unauthorised activities. We also support our customers in processing incidents, always with the goal in mind to improve security and to possibly recover lost data.

We complement our portfolio with specialized products that we actively market and support.

Security and Forensics - proactive, in real-time and post-incident - that is our business!